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Newlywed Couples

Congratulations on your new marriage! The newlywed stage can be an exciting time of your life as you begin to build your lives together. This section of the website is designed to help you continue to heal and strengthen your spousal union.


If you feel like you’re struggling to connect, don’t despair. Sex involves two imperfect people trying to be vulnerable in a most unique way. Sex involves our bodies and our minds, which can both be unpredictable. Contrary to the rumors in the magazines, the best sex does not come from learning 101 new positions or purchasing new products designed for instant success. Good Catholic sex is not going to happen overnight. It requires patience, love, trust, and harmony – both in and outside the bedroom.

If this is your first time visiting this website, you may find it helpful to start with some of the basics:

1. To begin, read more about what good Catholic sex is here.

2. Take the time to identify the areas of your life in need of healing, including unrealistic expectations, past relationships, pornography, or sexual abuse.

3. Check out some of the preparation advice for engaged couples, including:


If you feel confident in the information above:


Read some suggestions for experiencing continued growth in your spousal union.

Check out the resource page for more information.

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