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A Suggested Packing List
Wedding night/honeymoon packing list:


It may make you nervous to think about your spouse-to-be seeing you naked for the first time. When you are married, your spouse will get to see you in a way that no other person can. It may feel unusual at first, but it is a gift of your marriage relationship. The idea is not to look at one another out of lust, but to see one another with reverence and awe: you are showing a side of yourself that is exclusively reserved for your relationship.Many couples will find that wearing different clothing can help enhance the mood this first time, and throughout their intimate lives. 

Women may want to find some lingerie that helps them feel more comfortable and beautiful. Some women may choose to wear white on their wedding night, but this is certainly not a requirement.

You might ask one of your friends to throw a lingerie party before your wedding – this is a great way to build up your collection. If you are shopping for lingerie, it can sometimes be difficult to find places to shop that don’t feel over-sexualized. Try finding a local boutique or a department store. Almost any store that sells woman’s clothing will usually have a lingerie section.


Men may choose to wear underwear that is different from what they normally wear, such as a pair made of silk.



A dressing robe may become a helpful part of your wardrobe, especially as your transition to clean-up after intercourse. Try to find a simple and light-weight robe that you can wrap around you with a tie.

Pro-tip: Buy a robe that has the tie attached, or you’ll always be missing the tie.



Lubrication should be something simple that won’t cause negative reactions. KY Jelly or equivalent store brand is often recommended. Some couples use oils, such as coconut oil. Good Clean Love advertises themselves as an organic solution. All can be purchased via Amazon, or in your local store. 


There is no shame in using lubrication. Many couples will find it especially helpful in the beginning of their marriage as they learn to grow in intimacy. Couples may need lubrication on different occasions throughout their married intimate lives and many keep lubrication by their bedside for easy access. Learning to monitor your cycles will help husband and wife be more in tune with their needs. For example, when a woman is ovulating, she may be less likely to need artificial lubrication because her body is more easily aroused.

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