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Your guide to preparing for &
experiencing good Catholic sex.

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Why this website


Let’s be real: Hollywood has set us up with unrealistic expectations about sex. And, in my opinion at least, most Catholic content hasn't really helped us either. We hear a lot about waiting to have sex until marriage and (depending on the talks you've heard) the "beauty" and "gift" of sex within marriage, but there's a disconnect between the ideals of sex and two imperfect people trying to navigate the reality of sex.

When my aunt cornered me in the bathroom at my rehearsal dinner to give me wedding-night advice, I was both mortified and thankful. In her quick 2 minutes of tips, I realized how little I actually knew. I spent my honeymoon desperately searching the Internet for sex advice that lined up with my Catholic values. I was frustrated when I found very little. 

While sex should not be the primary focus of marriage, it plays a very important role in married couples’ intimate lives. I believe Catholics need more resources about sex and more opportunity for open conversation about it.

My hope is that this website can help engaged and newlywed couples navigate the early years of sex through preparation, conversation, and practical advice.

About me


I've been married since 2015 to a wonderful man who makes me laugh and dries my tears. I love my husband dearly. I want to love him fully and be a perfect wife, but I fail daily. I’m (slowly) realizing this is okay – marriage is a learning process! Our marriage began with several challenging years of infertility and miscarriage loss but we now have two rambunctious little ones in our home.


I have a Master’s degree in Theology through a Catholic institution and I am actively involved in marriage prep in my local diocese. I am faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.


The content of this website is based on both academic and practical books and articles, as well as personal experiences from my own life and those of friends and family. While I do not claim to be an expert on marriage or sex - I am still learning myself! - I hope I can help be a guide.

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